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I was sitting at my desk listening to a ministerial statement by Chan Chun Sing, as he presented how the horrific event on 19 July at River Valley High School unfolded. It is an event that has shaken the country tremendously. As Minister Chan continued on, he addressed the importance of building up further support structures to support the mental health of our students.

Among the important string of measures rolled out, from “deploying more teacher counsellors”, strengthening the “Character and Citizenship Education Curriculum” and teaching both students and teachers to “differentiate normal stress from distress and mental illness”, there…

Diving into semantics and paving the way forward.

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The last month has been an exhausting one for all Singaporeans. Apart from having to cope with rising cases of Covid-19 infections, there were several bizarre incidents happening on the ground that were overtly racist. A property agent, Tan Beow Hiong, was taking videos of commuters on the MRT and asking them directly about their education experience. If they did not give a response stating that they were from one of the top schools in Singapore (Ms Tan was apparently from Hwa Chong Institution), she would make a caustic remark — “Malay, is it? Okay no wonder”. Apart from Ms…

Let Weddings Be What They Really Are: A Union Between Two People, Not A DisplayTo Be Shown Off.

An adorable moment of bride and groom engaging in a “hand kiss” after being pronounced “man and wife”. Photo by Joel and Yuxiang’s photographers, with permission for use by the author.

On 21 May 2021, I attended my cousin’s wedding. Due to the Covid-19 resurgence in Singapore, strict measures were put in place to quickly curb the spread of the virus. Only 50 guests were allowed and any wedding reception was strictly off-limits. It was a beautifully simple affair — a cozy group gathered in the Church (with safe-distancing measures) to witness the transformation of two people becoming one family, vowing to love each other till death do them part. Unlike many Chinese weddings in Singapore, the affair was stripped to its simplest form. There was no ridiculous need to wake…

It is even more pertinent now than ever to make mental health a priority

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It is my first-year anniversary of officially seeking help for my mental health. It was not until I was hospitalised for a completely different illness (I had dengue) that I realized I was mentally ill. To this day, I am ever grateful to the consultant at the National University Hospital (NUH) who noticed that something was not right with me, and called in his colleagues from the Psychiatry Department to pay me a visit.

Giving birth and being a first-time mother in the midst of a global pandemic is challenging, to say the least. It did not help that my…

Have an Avocado Toast and $5 Coffee, Because Millennial Bosses Are Changing The World.

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Millennials have received tons of criticism about their attitude, their obsession with avocado toast and being one of the worst employees that make their bosses want to go into early retirement. In fact, Business Insider (2013) ran a story on “6 Quotes That Prove Millennials Are Simply Terrible Employees”. Some of the things these bosses highlighted were 1) the audacity to ask for a higher salary, 2) prioritizing work-life balance and 3) being sensitive about the way they are spoken to.

We are now halfway into 2021, 8 years after the article was written. Some of these millennials are likely…

Gratitude needs to go beyond lip service.

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In just a few days, the number of Covid-19 cases in the Singaporean community jumped from almost zero to 27 in what has been labelled the “worst Covid-19 outbreak in Singapore” since 2020. The first cluster highlighted was in one of Singapore’s largest public hospitals, Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Although the source of infection was not confirmed by the Ministerial Task Force, the main media reported the cluster, highlighting one of TTSH’s nurses who was also infected. Unfortunately, the way it was reported seemed to imply that the nurse was the source of infection. …

It is time Singaporeans take a hard look at ourselves and beliefs on the value of peoples’ lives.

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On 21 April 2021, Singapore reported a second migrant worker death after a lorry carrying migrant workers crashed into a tipper truck (The Straits Times). Mr Sugunan Sudheeshmon, aged 28, leaves behind his wife and 18-month-old son who are staying in Kerala, India. His heartbroken mother shared that she worried daily about whether he would fall ill with Covid-19 and “never expected to take him back as a dead body” due to an accident.

On 26 April 2021, yet another accident involving a lorry carrying 10 migrant workers was reported (Channel News Asia, 2021). …

Understanding grammar gives people an edge in thinking critically about the world around them

Image taken from Grammar Nazi Tries To Correct Hamill For His Grammar On Twitter, Regrets It Immediately (

If you scroll on Twitter as much as I do, you would soon find a special bunch of people on a personal mission:


Just like Ward A. Allen in the tweet above, these people scour the Internet for grammar mistakes and make it their point to highlight them. Unfortunately, one too many of these self-proclaimed Grammar-Nazis don’t always get it right and give advocates for having a thorough understanding of grammar a bad name.

What is grammar?

Before we dive into the benefits of knowing grammar even at the foundational level, it is important to know what it means…

Natural doesn’t mean easy

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More than a year ago, I was gently caressing my ever-growing bump, delightedly looking at the done-up nursery I had so lovingly built. I remember thinking, ‘I am ready. I have all that I need.’ I also remember smirking at the dozens of ads appearing on my Facebook feed, inviting me to join webinars and seminars to learn everything I can about childbirth, breastfeeding and the like.

Breastfeeding? I laughed. Why would I need to learn about breastfeeding? It is the most natural thing in the world! Why would women need to learn about it?

Oh boy, little did I…

Hidden behind the perceived glamour of a noble job, high salaries and acknowledged as society’s creme de la creme, lies a brutal system that pushes doctors to their physical, mental and emotional limits with 30-hour shifts.

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One year ago, I was frantically looking for ways to help my doctor husband, who was on the verge of burnout. He had been working non-stop, with 7 on-call (30 hour+ shifts) duties a month, with hardly any weekends free. I could tell that he was reaching his mental and emotional limit. He would come back listless, and swing suddenly to the extreme, obsessing about whether he could have done things faster in order to save more patients. He was attached to the Surgery Department as a House Officer (HO), and it was there that he experienced a patient dying…


Linguist. Writer. Mum. Currently navigating life with intense sleep deprivation, and learning how to still do what I love - teaching and parenting.

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